Carré de Soie project: Technip has signed with Bouwfonds Marignan to rehabilitate the Tase factory in Vaulx-en-Velin

2 February 2012

On 5 January 2012 Bouwfonds Marignan signed a 9 year lease with the engineering company Technip, quoted on the CAC 40,  to refurbish the Tase factory in the Carré de Soie in Vaulx-en-Velin.

A first step towards the rehabilitation of the Tase factory

The lease is for the refitting 8,500 m2 of the factory to be used as a service sector office block into which Technip will bring together its various teams in Lyon, about 600 employees. There is an option of space in a 2nd building to be built has already been taken taken up.

The rehabilitation into an office block that meets international standards is being managed by the architect Christian Devillers and concerns the factory's  main building whose south and west facades are classified as historic monuments.

Certified as an NFService Sector Building, it will be the 1st office building with an "Effinergie Rénovation" label.

The work is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2012 for delivery in June 2013.

The transaction was overseen by Jones Lang Lassalle who was acting for the lessee.

The Carré de Soie, a special area in transition

Bouwfonds Marignan's multi-disciplinary work and experience means that, in partnership with Greater Lyon they can undertake this major 65,000 m2  refurbishment as part of an eco-neighbourhood project which, once it is completed will include 700 apartments, either freehold or assisted or social housing, a hotel and other office buildings.

Situated in the area of Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin, the Carré de Soie benefits from an exceptional natural environment.

Close to the Jonage Canal, whose banks have just been restored, the project which is being developed over 500 hectares as a urban park with housing, forms part of the extension of the Mirbel Park, one of the largest natural leisure spaces in Europe.

One of the features of the site is the fact that it is close to a highly developed public transport network; metro, trams and buses put the centre of Lyon, the Part-Dieu station and the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport less than 20 minutes away from the Carré de Soie.

About Bouwfonds Marignan

Bouwfonds Marignan is a subsidiary of the Rabo Real Estate Group, the property branch of the Dutch group Rabobank. A property company that is present over the whole of France, Bouwfonds Marignan concentrates mainly on the residential market, the heart of its business; it adapts its business property strategy to market conditions. In France, Bouwfonds Marignan is organised into 6 regional headquarters and 16 local offices.

With this agreement Bouwfonds Marignan is fulfilling one of its key objectives, to deploy more widely into the service sector. Until now it has concentrated on the Paris Ile-de-France region but with this contract it is reaching out into other French cities.

The financial stability of its shareholder, Rabobank, the best known private bank in the world, enables Bouwfonds Marignan to commit to an ambitious policy of development and adopt a strategy that is resolutely dominant in the residential and office building sectors.

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Situated at 4 avenue des Canuts (access from the public transport multimodal hub Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie), the  offices of the Carré de Soie project house, in an area of over 100 m2 a detailed display which looks not just at the history of the urban project, its main thrust, the work already underway, but also at the history of the Carré de Soie area.

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