Carré de Soie project: launch of the refurbishment of the Tase factory and the state of advancement of other projects

9 November 2011

In parallel with the launch of the Tase factory to be refurbished by Bouwfonds-Marignan, an on site visit of the Carré de Soie urban project was organised on Thursday 20 October 2011, with the President of Greater Lyon, the Mayors of Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin and the Vice President of Greater Lyon who is in charge of the major projects going forward in the conurbation.

Projects underway in the Carré de Soie

Tase site

Main outline

  • A 20 hectare site.
  • Mixed use: development of a large service sector, housing, public facilities, public spaces and neighbourhood shops.
  • Urban landscape planning principles for the site which combine the new with existing development using sustainable transit routes, new roads, public spaces that structure the whole; in particular the esplanade that will run the length of the east wing of the Tase factory.
  • Working with projects launched at different times, in particular:
    • projects launched since 2007 as part of the programme to improve more than 100,000 m2 and which will include 30 to 40,000 m2 of office space;
    • a public private project to be created of about 90,000 m2

Woopa ethical finance hub

  • a project that will cover 12,000 m2:
    • 11,000 m2 of offices, by November 2011
      • the headquarters of Rhône Saône Habitat, a social housing cooperative,
      • research organisations in the area of housing (Cogeci, Katene, Procobat, Etamine),
      • a bank (NEF Interdependent cooperative finance);
    • 1,5000 m2 for a medium sized organic store (Biocoop) to open in 2013.
  • Cost of the project 32 million euros ex. VAT.

Veolia Environment regional HQ

  • Setting up of the Veolia regional HQ on 11,200 m2 grouping together 4 units that are today spread over the conurbation; 600 staff
  • building project with exemplary environmental management
  • planning permission put in 29 July 2011
  • delivery expected January 2014

Square des Canuts, Rhône Saône Habitat

  • Project for 4 blocks of flats on 7,000 m2
    • 85 homes of different types:
      • 8 homes that meet the requirements for investment under the Scellier law
      • 55 homes qualifying for low cost loans
      • 22 low rental homes
    • a crèche with 40 places.
  • Cost of the project 13.5 million euros (ex.VAT).

Bouwfonds Marignan Project

  • Project that will cover 65,000 m2
  • new build covering 56,500 m2
    • housing, offices and a hotel complex
    • project duration of 8 years
    • programme will provide homes for 1,500 people and create 1,000 jobs
  • conversion of a part of the Tase factory covering 8,500 m2 (the part that is owned by Bouwfonds Marignan) which be mainly for the service sector.

Public spaces and roads

  • building of roads and networks by Greater Lyon
    • work to start in 2012
  • creation of an esplanade planted on 1.5 hectares
    • work scheduled for end of 2014

Pedestrian walkways and a bridge

The project to provide pedestrian walkways and bridges will link the retail and leisure hubs with the multimodal hub, in advance of the North-South garden promenade. This link will be on Styral's metro maintenance site; they have temporary permission to be there.

The pedestrian walkway that leaves from the public transport hub uses a bridge to cross the maintenance centre's electrified track and to meet the start of the bridge designed by Altarea which leads to the first floor of the retail hub.

Provisional calendar

  • Delivery of the bridge: end 2011
  • Start of work of walkways: mid-2012
  • Opening of all the pedestrian links: autumn 2012

Future projects in the Carré de Soie

Urban Boulevard East

Over the 2 km of the Carré de Soie section, the Urban Boulevard East has 4 targets:

  • to support the urban transformation of this area by allowing a sharing of the approaches
  • facilitate links between the various parts of the sector (leisure hub, the Soie and 7 chemins industrial areas) and the housing and manufacturing areas of East Lyon
  • strengthen road-links between Vaulx-en-Velin and Décines by, over time, creating East/West routes
  • support the development of public and soft transport by putting in place bus lanes and cycle lanes
  • development of business activity particularly on the Eastern fringes (Soie industrial area)


  • 2 x 2 carriage ways
  • 50 km/h speed limit
  • one two-way lane reserved for public transport (AB axis)
  • one lane for soft transport.

The work should start mid-2012 with delivery in 2014.

Tase site

The total project is for a public private project covering 90,000 m2 with mixed use

  • 2,500 inhabitants
  • 1,200 jobs
  • local facilities (school, leisure centre)
  • local shops
  • public spaces and new roads

Provisional calendar

  • Signing public private agreements - 1st quarter 2012
  • Consultation with planners - 2013
  • Provisional works completion date - 2015

Yoplait site

Studies for the future of the Yoplait site are looking at over 20 hectares with development capacity of about 300,000 m2.

Main thrust of the programme and cityscape

  • development of a large service hub running along the main axes, Blum and T3
  • wide selection of housing types, particularly in a centre that is largely dominated by housing to be developed around an existing street and including the area between the Decomberousse and Soie roads.
  • facilities for the area
  • public spaces that structure the whole, going from the public transport hub and at the Blum Zola crossroads (Eastern entrance to Villeurbanne)
  • local shops.

Key dates for the project

  • In 2009-2020: the drawing up of the first urbanisation plans, discussions with Bruno Dumetier (chief planning officer) to decide on the non-variables.
  • In 2011:
    • examination of the urban development plans and economic and technical feasibility studies, led by Greater Lyon
    • studies to determine the operational way forward

Project linked to Circus Arts programme

The Imagine circus is part of a private project which is to develop a circus arts complex, on a semi-permanent basis along the pedestrian walkway:

  • a circus school
  • dinners and shows
  • resident circus

The complex will be spread over about 7,000 m2 of the area, with a circus tent and various associated structures and three buildings which can be dismantled:

  • a circus tent 28 m in diameter to seat 850
  • a 20 m tent for dinner and a show
  • 200 m2 structure for logistics and services.

Provisional calendar

  • Undertaking of preliminary work and setting up of the circus: Spring 2012
  • Opening: September 2012

Development of the Carré de Soie in the longer term

  • Building projects will be developed along the length of the garden promenade:
    • Gimenez sector
      • a 5.4 hectare development site free of all occupation
      • 60,000 m2 of development for housing
    • Genas/Chenier sector
      • a 5.5 hectare development site along the Genas road
      • 38,000 m2 of capacity
      • possible change of use for housing on 2 hectares
  • Catupolan sector:
    • 25,000 m2 of capacity
  • Bohlen Garibaldi sector:
    • development possible over 30 hectares
    • work could start in the medium term on 35,000 m2 in the Bohlen Salengro sector