Bluely: official launch of the car-sharing service for electric vehicles in Grand Lyon

2 July 2013

Grand Lyon and the Bolloré Group formalised the launch of a new car-sharing system on Monday, 3 June 2013. Bluely, as it is called, will reach Lyon and Villeurbanne in October 2013.

Bluely, a gradual roll-out

At the initiative of the Bolloré Group, the Bluely car-sharing solution will support the territory's sustainable mobility offer.

Comprising 100% electric vehicles using green energy supplied by the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, the Bluely fleet will become available to the general public from autumn 2013.

The Bluely service will in an initial phase have 50 stations and 130 "Bluecar", vehicles, operational from 10 October 2013. The number of vehicles brought into service will gradually increase to reach 250 vehicles across 100 stations by 2014.

Bluely, a sustainable mobility solution serving the Smart City

Grand Lyon is happy to welcome to the conurbation of Lyon this new service which fits fully into the global policy adopted by Grand Lyon in the area of sustainable mobility and the control of carbon emissions.

By introducing a new mobility practice - both innovative and ecological - Bluely reaffirms the "Smart City" strategy implemented in the territory. Not to mention the fact that, following the roll-out of Bluely, Lyon will become one of the best equipped cities in terms of electric vehicle charging points worldwide!