Blend Web Mix: launch of the new web event in Lyon for October 2013

18 June 2013

Building on the success of the "Lyon, Web Capital" event in 2012, Blend aims to create a recurring international conference in Lyon.

This initiative has received the full support of Greater Lyon which has brought a diverse mix of partners representing the rich local digital economy of the city around the table, including:

  • Web Event Lyon,
  • Rezopole,
  • Imaginove,
  • Cluster Edit and
  • Génération Digitale.

This first edition of Blend, consisting of 2 days of conferences, workshops and networking across a range of web-centric topics, is aimed at bringing together all of the different actors of the web ecosystem. As the name suggests, Blend is all about mixing different groups of people who often work in parallel but who seldom have the opportunity to cross paths.

Blend aims to bring together top talent, mix various specialties, apply a web-centric view to emerging areas of interest, create a highly interactive environment and all this with a practical vision of the Web. Blend intends to represent the diversity of actors in the web, provide practical answers to business questions and to inspire collaborative research among scientific teams.

Jerry Nieuviarts, vice president of the Cuisine Du Web and in charge of the Blend project described the recipe behind the Blend event: "you start with one central WEB theme and mix it with another ingredient to create a unique Blend of topics and perspectives."

Over the course of the conference we will be mixing various web specialties around the the following themes:

  • technical (web development, mobile, systems)
  • creative (web design, branding and visual communication, UX, open innovation)
  • marketing and communication (digital communication, community management)
  • entrepreneurship (sharing experiences, startup pitches)
  • research (internet of things, demonstration, workshops)
  • business (business models, transformation and sales)

Icing on the cake will also be decorated with Blend "Blend, the off", a unique opportunity for other initiatives to benefit the echo of the event.