Bioaster: new CEO for the Technology Research Institute dedicated to infectious diseases and microbiology in September 2013

18 October 2013

On 2nd September 2013, Dr. Tom Shepherd succeeds Jacques Berger who, following his retirement from his previous position as "Directeur Général Délégué" of Sanofi Pasteur, had been asked to set up Bioaster's corporate and laboratory operations and establish the foundations for its future growth into a leading research institute.

Dr. Shepherd is a British citizen and, following his Ph.D. in Biochemistry obtained in Scotland, has committed over thirty years to life science research, development and commercialization, primarily in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has extensive international experience having built and led corporate, business and R&D teams in four continents.

Statement of Dr. Shepherd, CEO of Bioaster

Dr. Shepherd commented on his appointment, "I am very proud of the confidence shown by the Board of Bioaster in providing me with the opportunity to pilot the next phase of the growth of Bioaster. This Technology Research Institute, founded by the French State and a number of prestigious private and public research partners, offers a unique global opportunity to address critical outstanding health issues in the field of infection and microbiology using a broad range of technology platforms. I will benefit tremendously from top level teams already established in Lyon and at the Institute Pasteur in Paris and the sterling work of Jacques Berger in setting up Bioaster, starting our first collaborative research programs and establishing the initial technological platforms."

Statement of Alain Mérieux, President of Bioaster

Alain Mérieux, President of Bioaster added, "Dr. Shepherd's extensive industrial international experience will be of great assistance in the next phase of Bioaster's development as a global center of excellence in collaborative technological research in the fields of infectious disease and microbiology."

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Bioaster is a Technology Research Institute based in Lyon with the strategic objective of developing research programs and advanced technology centres in collaboration with public and private partners, to help overcome health and product development challenges relating to therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics and nutrition in the fields of infectious diseases and microbiology.

Formed in the context of the French government's "Investment for the Future" initiative, Bioaster is the only Technology Research Institute selected for investment in Life Sciences. It counts amongst its private and academic founders: Lyonbiopôle, Institut Pasteur, Danone Research, Institut Mérieux, Sanofi, CEA, CNRS, Inserm, and is supported by a group of 40 SMEs.