Axel'One: a grant from Greater Lyon for the construction of the PMI collaborative innovation platform

4 October 2012

In order to obtain results from innovative projects in the area of environmental chemistry, academics from the University of Lyon and  industrialists in the field of chemistry and the environment created the collaborative Axel'One innovation platform.

Greater Lyon supported the project by giving a grant of 200,000 euros to put the Axel'One PMI module into service operationally.

The Axel'One project

The Axel'One collaborative innovation platform relies on the development of 3 distinct and complementary building projects dedicated to R&D and situated on 3 different sites in the Lyon conurbation.

Each of the 3 sites is designed for a particular specialism and a different scale of testing:

  • the Campus module situated on the LyonTech la Doua Campus,
  • the Innovative Processes Platform module (PPI) situated at Solaize,
  • the Innovative Materials Platform (PMI) situated at Saint-Fons.

Greater Lyon Lyon has strongly committed itself to the search for partners for the project and has carried out its part of the work by granting 200,000 euros for the operational implementation of the Axel'One PMI module (expenditure agreed during the Greater Lyon Community Council meeting of the 10 September 2012).

The Axel'One PMI platform

The PMI platform dedicated to innovative materials includes the construction of a building  to house pre-manufacturing collaborative projects in the field of materials.

The construction project is for a technology building with a usable surface of 4,568 m2 on the Rhodia research center site at Saint-Fons.

This building will contain laboratories, technical areas and offices, structured in the form of 12 kits creating buildings that can house 12 different collaborative projects that share common technical equipment. 

A special property company has been created for the project; Novaone Immo, which is 51% owned by Immo2 and 49% owned by the Deposits and Consignment Fund (CDC).

The land for the building has been leased from Rhodia for a term of 45 years by Novaone Immo.

This company will construct the building as part of a property contract concluded with Sogelym Ingénierie.

After the building has been delivered, Novaone Immo will lease it to Axel'One for a 12 year term and they will run and manage the building as an innovation platform.

The work is scheduled to start in December 2012 for delivery in December 2013.

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The 200,000 euro grant to Novaone Immo for the building and Axel'One for its management was made as  part of the assistance programme for property investments to help businesses by the local authorities and their groupings  and as part of  "de minimis" assistance (article R 1511- 9 of the General Code for Local Authorities).

This grant will be given to Novaone in two stages:

  • 100,000 euros in 2013,
  • 100,000 euros in 2014.