Aqua-Add: partners in a European programme to integrate water into development planning meeting in Lyon in December 2012

14 December 2012

Since January 2012 Greater Lyon has been taking part in the Aqua-Add European project alongside the city of Eindhoven, which is running the programme, and ten other partners represented by local authorities and some universities. For the third meeting the members of the exchange programme gathered in Lyon from 11 to 14 December 2012.

Aqua-Add offers members of the programme the ability to work together on the place of water in the city and to outline the challenges for the better integration of water policies into urban development. The final objective is to draw up together, by 2014, strategies and measures for a better integration of water policies into planning.

Greater Lyon, flagship projects include the problems of water

A number of projects being carried out in Greater Lyon are already taking into account the problems posed by water in urban planning, as can be seen from the restoring of the rue Garibaldi and the roofs of La Buire in Lyon.

The Rue Garibaldi

The requirement is to create a reservoir for watering the green spaces and street cleaning in place of the existing well. A backfill of sand and fine gravel will filter the rain water which will then be channelled into large vats with a 300 m3 capacity.

The Zac de La Buire

On the Buire site, in the heart of the Lyon Part-Dieu quarter rain water is collected from roofs in the neighbourhood and channelled into 150,000 litre reservoir beneath the school.

This water then serves to water the park and feed the fountain, thus contributing to the cooling of the neighbourhood. If there is too much rain the fountain overflows, the water then runs into the ditch that runs round the garden and infiltrates itself little by little into the underground water table. This is what is known as plot management of rainwater to ensure nothing runs back into the sewers.

Greater Lyon, an area of expertise in the field of water management

For the last 15 years, as part of the public water policy, Greater Lyon has required new methods for construction and infrastructure in order to ensure that rainwater drains into the soil so that levels in the water tables are maintained.

Greater Lyon is identified as a area of excellence in the area of water  policy for several reasons:

  • the cutting edge facilities like Aqualyon (the new water treatment plant of La Feyssine),
  • an advanced culture of research, development and innovation,
  • recognised expertise in the area of the protection of water resources, water treatment, the management of rain water and international solidarity.

Aqua-Add, a European Interreg IVC project

The Aqua-Add project is part of an Interreg IVC project. It helps the regional and local authorities to share and transfer experience in order to optimise the effectiveness of regional development policies. By sharing knowledge and best practice in the area of the environment and the prevention of risk, regions can improve their own competitiveness and sustainability and also that of Europe as a whole.

Interreg IVC covers the whole of the European Union and is financed via the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

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Aqua-Add aims to provide an adequate mix of regional / local authorities and knowledge institutions:

  • City of Eindhoven,
  • centro Estudos de Ambiente do Mar, University of  Aveiro,
  • administração da Região Hidrográfica do Centro,
  • University of Debrecen: Centre for the management of the environment and policy,
  • trans-Tisza - Tisza region: department of the environment, protection of the natural habitat and water policing,
  • city of Bremerhaven,
  • city of Sofia,
  • University of Genoa,
  • city of Imperia,
  • Greater Lyon,
  • city of Copenhagen.