Alaxia: moving of the start-up headquarters and labs to Bioparc Lyon

10 May 2012

Founded in 2008, Alaxia is an innovative biotech company dedicated to the development of medicinal products to fight serious respiratory diseases.

It is based in Lyon, at the heart of one of the world's most dynamic pharmaceutical and biotechnology clusters.

The owner of multiple patents, the company is building its pipeline through internal research and development on its peroxidase platform.

On 23rd February 2012, Alaxia established its headquarters and labs in the Adenine building of Bioparc Lyon.

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Bioparc Lyon a city site dedicated to the Life Sciences is situated at the heart of the East Lyon Health Complex has as its objective to house R&D facilities which will benefit from the close proximity of:

  • research centres such as the Léon Bérard anti-cancer centre and the International Centre for Research into Cancer (WHO-CIRC) and also
  • over 6,000 hospital beds (general medicine, neurology, gynaecology/obstetrics and paediatrics, cardiology and oncology).

In the long term, Lyon Bioparc has been designed to provide over 40,000 m2 of office and laboratory space in a 4 hectare area, which represents huge potential for development and partnership for all Life Science businesses.