Accinov: Inauguration of the innovation platform at Lyon Gerland

20 November 2013

After 16 months of work, Nexity delivered to mixed-economy society Patrimoniale in Greater Lyon a turnkey 6,500 m2 building: the Accinov innovation platform, officially inaugurated on Thursday, 7 November 2013, in Lyon Gerland.

Implemented by the healthcare competitiveness cluster that is Lyonbiopole, the Accinov project had been selected in 2010 following the "innovative platforms" call-for-projects process, launched jointly by the DGCIS of the Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Employment and the Caisse des Dépôts development bank. The Accinov innovation platform also enjoys the support of Greater Lyon and the regional council of Rhône-Alpes in the context of the State-Region projects contract (CPER) 2007-2013.

Accinov, an innovative model for hosting biotech businesses

Accinov offers an innovative model for hosting biotechnology businesses developing breakthrough technologies and innovative products and services.

The Accinov innovation platform was designed as a 4-storey turnkey building offering 6,500 m2 of cleanrooms, bioproduction units and office space:

  • 3 bioproduction units,
  • 24 P2 cleanroom laboratories,
  • 1 shared "support" services area and
  • office space.

Accinov was opened officially in November 2013. The team at the technical bioproduction and protein engineering platform of the Technological Research Institute (TRI) within Bioaster was the first to move in there.

Accinov, a driver of innovation for the life sciences 

Accinov, a platform for innovation which is unique in Europe, provides a service offer with a high added value for biotechnology companies developing breakthrough technologies and innovative therapeutic products. The objective is to allow these companies to develop their projects in the shortest possible time and in flexible premises meeting the quality standards of the sector.

Accinov is thus the first bioproduction platform for biotechnology SME's in Lyon Gerland.  It is now set to complement Lyonbiopole's existing infrastructure offer and in particular that of the Infectious Diseases Centre. The innovation platform will thus host businesses entering development phases closer to the market. This offering of turnkey industrial-quality shared infrastructures is a real asset in terms of competitiveness for the territory of Greater Lyon.

The next step for the life sciences sector will be the construction of the first tranche of the Bioaster TRI, scheduled for delivery in early 2015.

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About Lyonbiopôle

It is the ambition of Lyonbiopole - a healthcare cluster which is unique in the world and was classed as excellent in the 2012 competitiveness cluster evaluation - to become the one-stop shop in the area of healthcare in Rhône-Alpes, for a more reactive and customised medicine for the benefit of patients. 

Boosted by its industrial leadership and by reinforcing the entrepreneurial dynamic of the competitiveness cluster, 2013-2018 will be a time of thematic expansion and also a period in which closer relationships will be forged with the academic and clinical world. 

About BioAster

BioAster is the sole technological research institute in the field of healthcare in France selected by the State in 2011 in the context of the programme of investment for the future.