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Lyon Eco Energy: lower your energy bill with Greater Lyon

VSE / SME: improve your performance

Lyon Eco Energie service to business

Businesses with less than 250 employees, with Lyon Eco Energy, the Métropole de Lyon and its partners have a new service offering for you, in accordance with the Greater Lyon's Territorial Climate and Energy Plan (the PCET). Free support in reducing the energy consumption of your business and in improving your competitiveness.

Lyon éco énergie, réduisez votre facture énergétique

A very simple system

  • The system starts with a visit to your business by an advisor, who studies the installations and collects data.
  • He then analyses your energy bills and the spread of energy consumption, and identifies levers for action. He then presents his final report and suggests monitoring tools, raises awareness about good practices and makes proposals for action.
  • One year later, an update allows the actions carried out to be reviewed, and assistance to be provided for any difficulties encountered.

Who can access this system?

Any business with less than 250 employees, based in the territory of the Métropole de Lyon (other than the tertiary sector) can join Lyon Eco Energy.

In total, there are 1 800 VSE / SME targeted by the Lyon Eco Energy programme - i.e. a potential of 134 kt CO2!

The objectives of Lyon Eco Energy

This system will enable you to:

  • assess your energy consumption,
  • understand and optimise your energy bill,
  • prioritise the actions to be taken,
  • raise awareness among your employees to good practices,
  • adopt customised solutions thanks to proposals from a specialist,
  • permanently reduce your energy bills.

Do you want to find out more about the Lyon Eco Energy system? Our advisors will answer all your questions about this service.