International relations, Lyon - Haute-Matsiatra (Madagascar)

rizière en Haute-Matsiatra (Madagascar)
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Haute-Matsiatra, is a region in Madagascar which main city is Fianarantsoa

Partnership treated:
  • Cooperation for development,
  • Governance,
  • Water and sewerage.
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Since 2006, Greater Lyon and the Haute Matsiatra region of Madagascar have been in a partnership with the aim of supporting local policies relating to access to potable water and durable sanitation.

Lyon - Haute-Matsiatra (Madagascar) cooperation, key dates

2006-2010: the AGIRE project

Supported by the European Union and the Agence de l'eau Rhône-Méditerranée et Corse, the AGIRE project – for the improvement of the integrated management of the water resource – is the fruit of this sustained cooperation between the two entities.

A review of the actions conducted from 2006 to 2010 in the context of the AGIRE project has revealed encouraging results, with in particular:

  • the well-known improvement in the management of the water resource in the city of Fianarantsoa,
  • the connection of 10,000 people to a water and sanitation system via the completion of infrastructure projects in 6 communes and
  • the training of these pilot communes in the project management of water and sanitation works.

2012-2016: the CAP'Eau project

Greater Lyon's commitment to local and regional structures in Haute Matsiatra continues with the CAP'Eau programme.

The objective? To consolidate and build on the achievements of the AGIRE project.

Started in 2012, CAP'Eau will continue through to 2016, in a logic of the reinforcement of the capacities of local players, with:

  • support in planning the operation of water resources,
  • support in the management and renovation of existing infrastructures,
  • the development of access to water and sanitation and
  • training for stakeholders in the sector, namely the local authorities and students at the university of Fianarantsoa.