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International relations, Lyon - Beirut (Lebanon)

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drapeau du Liban
World region:

Middle East

City name:

Beirut, capital of the Lebanon

Partnership treated:
  • Territorial marketing,
  • Water and sewerage.
First year of the partnership:


International networks in common with Lyon:


Lyon's cooperation in Lebanon started with Beirut in 1998 and took on concrete form in 1999 with the first partnerships on the topic of water.

Lyon - Beirut (Lebanon) cooperation, key dates

In 1999, Lyon put in place a cooperation with the Beirut Water Agency with a view to supporting the reorganisation of their departments, developing a strategy for maintenance of the network - dilapidated since the civil war - and putting in place a policy for the protection of its water resources.

In 2002, the Group "Lebanon” - created and chaired by Lyon -  within the French city association "Cités Unies France", initiated the coordination of the actions of the European cities wishing to cooperate with Lebanon. Today, the metropolis of Lyon is steering the concerted programme for Lebanon which allows a pooling of the action of ten local authorities in France and their partner cities in Lebanon.


Valérie De Rosa

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

chargée de mission coopération décentralisée