Institution: Greater Lyon (Grand Lyon)

Economic development of the Lyon Urban Community
l'Hôtel de Communauté (Grand Lyon)

Discover the Greater Lyon Authority and how it works to develop the area's economy: missions, structure, etc. read more

vue aérienne de l'agglomération lyonnaise

Discover Greater Lyon's economic strategy for 2008-2014: our ambition, our commitments, our objectives. read more

Discover an approach to economic governance that is unique in France (the "Grand Lyon, l'Esprit d'Entreprise" programme): objective, partners, network. read more

logo Grand Lyon l'Esprit d'Entreprise
les pentes de la Croix-Rousse à Lyon

In its mandate plan for 2008-2013, Greater Lyon supports the (ESS) as a cornerstone of the area's economic development. read more

animation Relations internationales de Lyon

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Discover Lyon's international action: international partnerships and city networks, European projects, trips and visits, the Water Fund. read more

Thanks to a new marketing strategy, spearheaded by the "ONLYLYON" brand, the Lyon metropolitan area has now well and truly entered the competition for European and international renown. read more