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Key figures for Greater Lyon

Greater Lyon's economy in numbers

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Useful information, strategic data... because numbers sometimes say more than words speech, here are the key data about your city.

Businesses and institutions in Greater Lyon

Greater Lyon welcomes businesses and institutions in its own unique way, and in return they serve it well... There are a lot of them and they are active in the territory - as the figures demonstrate:

A dynamic economic environment

  • Over 640 000 salaried jobs, including 85 % in the private sector (Insee-Clap 31-12-2013)
  • 111 000 public and private organisations (Insee-REE 2014)

A strong industrial base

  • France's top industrial agglomeration (excluding Ile-de-France)
  • 76 000 jobs and 3 020 organisations in the industrial sector (Acoss-Urssaf 31-12-2014)

Lyon attracts foreign businesses

  • 467 organisations with over 20 employees are foreign-owned (CCIR 2015)
  • 57 200 jobs in foreign-owned businesses (CCIR 2015)
  • En 2015, 92 businesses relocated (Aderly)

A proven entrepreneurial dynamic

  • 15 139 businesses created in 2014
Entreprises des sciences de la vie : pictogramme du service business du Grand Lyon

The sector of excellence of life sciences has found its home in Lyon

  • close to 60 000 jobs and 11 200 organisations in the biotechnology and health sector in Lyon (Acoss-Urssaf 31-12-2014, Insee-Clap 31-12-2013 and Insee-REE 2014);
  • Top vaccine production centre in the world;
  • over 1 billion euro invested in vaccines and diagnostics since 2005;
  • one of the greatest university teaching hospital concentrations in Europe;
  • over 1 000 clinical trials carried out every year at the HCL ;
  • Top French health cluster: Lyonbiopôle.
Entreprises des cleantech : pictogramme du service business du Grand Lyon

Cleantech, an expanding sector in Greater Lyon

Cleantech includes chemistry and the environment, land transport systems and energy.

  • 78 000 jobs ;
  • 4 300 organisations.

Platforms for innovation:

  • Axel’one, Transpolis, Piseo, Provademse, etc.;
  • Supergrid, the energy transition institute.

2 flagship sites:

  • The Vallée de la Chime;
  • The LyonTech-la Doua Campus.

Renowned academic stakeholders: INSA, CNRS, CPE, ITECH, UCBL.

Organisations and an environment conducive to the development of the cleantech sector with competitiveness and major clusters such as Axelera, LUTB Transport & Mobility Systems, Tenerrdis, Techtera and Cluster Lumière.

Entreprises du numérique : pictogramme du service business du Grand Lyon

Digital and the image industries

  • 7 000 businesses, including 300 with high growth potential, providing 50 700 jobs (Acoss-Urssaf 31-12-2014);
  • 5 digital areas of excellence: big data, robotics, software and programming, creative content, web platforms;
  • 600 digital events per year;
  • 1 Espace Numérique Entreprises (ENE) ;
  • 6 start-up accelerators, 8 incubators, 7 co-working spaces, 3 competitiveness clusters and 3 clusters with a large digital component, 2 fab labs, 1 living lab;
  • 600 university courses in the digital area throughout the region;
  • French Tech label.

You want to relocate to Lyon? And want to find out more about the market? Here are the key data on the sector. The "business property" base of the CECIM is collected annually and in full by the Métropole de Lyon.

The 2015 review

In an uncertain context, the tertiary market in Lyon is holding up well with over 1.25 billion euros invested in business property in 2015.

While business property performed well with 272 153 m2 of requests placed.

Shows, congresses, fairs, sporting events: Lyon lives to the rhythm of national and international events... Today, the city is one of the most dynamic, innovative and functional in Europe for the creation and hosting of events.

Nationally, the 2nd conference and show city and 20th in Europe*, every year Lyon hosts some forty congresses and around a hundred shows.

With around 200 000 visitors to SIRHA 2015, the professional hospitality and catering show and 7 400 attendees at ECTRIMS in 2012, an international congress on multiple sclerosis, the agglomeration is able to host the largest international events.

For these major events, the red carpet is literally rolled out with a single watchword: excellence of welcome, with a dozen tourism stakeholders mobilised.

Since an area of 500 ha in the heart of the Métropole de Lyon was classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1996, Lyon has been working on its image and perfecting its assets.

This change is reflected today by strong growth in tourist numbers, in particular at weekends and in the summer season. With 20 % of visitors coming from abroad and an average stay of 3 days, Lyon has become a city-break destination for lovers of gastronomy and heritage.

Lyon is the capital of gastronomy and intends to let the whole world know it: the Greater Lyon tourist office has embarked on a 3-year action programme, following on from Paul Bocuse’s 50 years of 3 stars in the Michelin Guide.

  • The Festival of Lights (3 million visitors);
  • The Biennales of Lyon: Danse (85 000 indoors and 300 000 in processions) and Contemporary Art (280 000) ;
  • The Nuits Sonores festival (130 000 spectators);
  • Les Nuits de Fourvière, the festival (190 000 spectators);
  • The Lumière Film Festival (150 000 spectators);
  • The key events in international sport: Euro 2016, FIFA 2016, Finals of the European Rugby Cups, etc.;
  • The matches of Olympique Lyonnais in the Parc Olympique Lyonnais (59 186 seats).

Lyon, university city

Lyon is France’s second university city. Your city has a diverse range of educational and academic options, from chemistry to information science, via life sciences and humanities. Lyon also has many research clusters and 5 flagship competitiveness clusters.

Lyon University, in the TOP 10 of best European universities

The Métropole de Lyon is in the top rankings with:

  • Lyon University:
    • 11 establishments in Lyon and Saint-Etienne;
    • 8 establishments on the site.
  • 144 500 students in Greater Lyon, including 13 000 from abroad;
  • 550 research laboratories (public / private);
  • over 200 families of active patents, 2nd site in France in terms of patents filed;
  • 13 300 researchers, 1 800 being international;
  • 6 000 postgraduates;
  • 1 000 theses defended every year.

The Métropole de Lyon supports education

Over EUR 100 million committed by the Métropole de Lyon for the University and research:

  • EUR 32 million to the Lyon Cité Campus (State Campus operation);
  • EUR 40 million under the State-Region projects contract (CPER);
  • EUR 22 million for research;
  • EUR 18 million for higher education and student life;
  • EUR 25 million for the University Development Plan (SDU);
  • EUR 3 million to PRES over 3 years, including 500 000 per year to Lyon Science Transfert.


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