Greater Lyon business and industrial parks

The Métropole de Lyon presents its business parks

The Métropole de Lyon manages the sites

The Métropole de Lyon manages first and foremost the urban organization of the area’s structural business zones (public spaces, signaling...). Together with business associations, it also develops your transport options and works on improving and sharing services to businesses and their employees: video-conference room, waste management, nurseries, catering offer...


Hugo Nivoix

Métropole de Lyon - Economic development, employment and knowledge delegation

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Focus on industry

Lyon Métropole has an ambitious support and development policy for industry in Greater Lyon. It is committed to:

  • guaranteeing relocation and development conditions for production sites;
  • promoting the transition to the industry of the future;
  • reaffirming Lyon’s logistical strength;
  • rreclassifying existing industrial spaces;
  • retaining production spaces.

Together, Greater Lyon’s industrial sites cover some 7,5 million square metres of commercial property, 69 % of which are industrial or mixed premises (source: Cecim 2016).

Industrial parks in Greater Lyon

Focussing on 9 large industrial parks for investment, relocation and/or development:

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Map of Greater Lyon’s business and industrial parks

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  • in red: the main industrial parks
  • in grey: other business parks
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