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Greater Lyon is a constantly developing territory, one that is changing by interacting with its residents, its professionals, its entrepreneurs etc. An area full of life and of projects, which is moving forward hand in hand with its citizens.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Face à l’épidémie de coronavirus Covid-19, la Métropole de Lyon s’organise, met en place des dispositifs d’aide ou d’accompagnement immédiats aux entreprises locales et crée un fonds d’urgence de 100 millions d’euros pour soutenir les entreprises.

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Entrepreneur·es, l’ensemble des partenaires économiques de la métropole lyonnaise se mobilisent pour vous soutenir lors de cette période inédite. Découvrez toutes les mesures économiques et les outils mis à votre disposition pour vous aider.

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You want to get involved in the development of Greater Lyon?

Help in creating a business, funding... Discover how to be an active stakeholder in the life of your city. To find out more, contact our teams; we have the answers to all your questions!


Focus on the ONLYLYON Ambassadors


ONLYLYON is a banner symbolised by the powerful figure of the lion, with the objective of it being adopted by all public and private stakeholders who make Lyon shine on the international scene. A way of representing your city, and a wonderful opportunity to develop and grow your network.

You like Lyon? You too can represent your city by joining the network of ONLYLYON Ambassadors.

Promote your territory shine by taking part in Lyon's international meetings: travel throughout the world, welcome foreign delegations, etc. You can get involved in your city's international life and showcase Lyon's economy by reinforcing its cooperation projects and partnerships.

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