Incity Tower: the work is speeding up in Lyon Part-Dieu!

Monday 19 September 2011 - Property and real estate

The work is speeding up in Lyon Part-Dieu: the "outside deconstruction" phase of the old UAP tower is underway.

perspective aérienne Tour Incity à Lyon Part-Dieu

Incity tower in Lyon Part-Dieu (perspective) © Valode et Pistre architectes, AIA architectes - Sogelym Dixence, Asylum - 2011

schéma de déconstruction de la tour UAP à Lyon Part-Dieu

Deconstruction of the UAP tower in Lyon Part-Dieu © Sogelym Dixence, AIA architectes - 2011

Located in the heart of the Lyon business district where Rue Garibaldi meets Cours Lafayette, the Incity Tower is part of an NF HQE initiative that aims to become the first city centre office tower certified "High Environmental Quality" and rubber stamped "Low Consumption Building" in France.

The first phase of deconstruction inside the old UAP tower is now complete and the second so-called "outside deconstruction" phase is underway.

Particular attention is paid to selecting methods and reducing nuisances: it is a "construction with low environmental impact" at the heart of the High Environmental Quality initiative.

Deconstruction will run until July 2012, giving way to construction of the Incity Tower.

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Incity, the highest tower in Part-Dieu in figures :

  • 39 floors
    • 200 m at its tip
    • 170 m high point for the cover
  • 41 780 m2 of rental space
  • 2 720 work stations

Completion: 1st quarter 2015

Architects: Valode & Pistre architectes - AIA Architectes

Execution: Sogelym Dixence