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A network of business start-up specialists

The start-up scene is a priority for the economic development of the Lyon urban area. It is a key driver of social integration and job creation. It makes a significant contribution to renewing the economic fabric of the city and is a key factor in improving its profile and attractiveness.

logo Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat

Lyon Ville de l’Entrepreneuriat programme

Greater Lyon and its partners in the “Grand Lyon l'Esprit d'Entreprise” programme are fully aware of these issues and, over a number of years, have developed a global policy that favours business start-ups, takeovers and transfers. The aim is to provide entrepreneurs with a full range of services specifically tailored to their needs. This range of services comes under the banner of "Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat".

"Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat", represents an ambition to create favourable conditions for business start-ups within the Lyon urban area.

The "Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat" Network

annonce LVE : la porte d'entrée pour créer sa boîte

A network to support company creation, acquisition and transfer

The network currently counts 48 members, who are committed to facilitating actions undertaken by project initiators. With this support, future company heads increase their chances for successful business creation, acquisition or transfer. Since "Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat" is aware that supporting the founding of a company is only a first step, it also commits to the long-lasting growth of newly created companies.

Key Figures for "Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat"

  • 48 network members, including:
    • 33 operational support structures
    • 15 institutional partners
  • 25 entry points over the Greater Lyon area:
    • branch offices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, city economic services, associations, etc.
  • welcome points that are open to all and located less than fifteen minutes away by public transportation
  • support for over 12,000 project initiators each year
  • rapid company creation process:
    • 47% of projects result in company creation within six months (62% when the project initiator is a former company head; 37% for the formerly unemployed)

The "Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat" objectives

  • Facilitate procedural steps for project initiators.
  • Professionalize the network.
  • Reinforce and develop the services offer.
  • Reinforce the pertinence and effectiveness of business policy.

The "Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat" partners

They are committed to assisting project initiators:

The key partners of "Greater Lyon, a Business Spirit" economic governance: the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Rhône Chamber of Trade, Greater Lyon, the Lyon Rhône MEDEF (French employers' organization), University of Lyon, the Rhône CGPME (General confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises).
Action'Elles, Activ'Idées Bron, ADERLY, ADIE, ADL Villeurbanne, Cabestan, Caisse des dépôts, Cap Services, CATEM – Service Économique de la Ville de Mions, Cédants et Repreneurs d'Affaires, CIDFF, Créacop, Créalys, CREAR - ville de Rillieux la Pape, Créons, DACE (St Priest, Feyzin), Elycoop, EMLYON, Entrepreneurs de la Cité (Fondation de la micro-assurance), Entrepreneurs dans la ville, Escale Création, Graines de SOL, INPI, La Coursive d'entreprises St Fons, Maison de la Création de la Duchère, Novacité, Ordres des avocats, Ordres des experts comptables, Ordres des notaires, OSEO, Pépinière Cap Nord, Pépinière CARCO, Pépinière Saône Mont d'Or Création, PlaNet ADAM, Rhône Développement Initiative, Région Rhône-Alpes, Réseau Entreprendre Rhône, Service Économique Ville de Vénissieux, Talent 9, Union Régionale des SCOP, Village des Créateur, Ville de Villeurbanne.

Greater Lyon and "Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat"

The Lyon urban community is the primary funding source for the "Lyon Ville de l’Entrepreneuriat" programme.

Greater Lyon’s role

  • Defining the development strategy in partnership with members of the governance council.
  • Coordinating the system: recording, approving and managing partnership and operational projects initiated by network actors.
  • Organising and running the Marketing and Innovation working groups.
  • Operating the dedicated property budget.
  • Promoting the system (communication management, the “Salon des Entrepreneurs", etc.).
  • Establishing contracts with partner organisations.