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I want to bid for a public-sector contract by the Métropole de Lyon

How to bid for a public-sector contract?

Répondre aux marchés publics : pictogramme du service business du Grand Lyon

The territory of Lyon is developing day by day. Thanks to public-sector contracts, you can make the most of these opportunities to develop your business. Find all the announcements of public-sector contracts by the Métropole de Lyon, download the consultation files and respond online to save time.

What are public-sector contracts?

Public-sector contracts are contracts concluded for a fee with public or private entities by public corporations (local authorities, the State, public institutions) to acquire the provision of services, supplies or works.

Access public-sector contracts without restriction

For services entrusted to private businesses, the Métropole de Lyon is obliged to apply the Public-Sector Contract Code, in order to guarantee free access to public procurement and equality in the treatment of candidates, which means, in particular, advertising as widely as possible so that all businesses have the same degree of information.

You can consult the announcements of public-sector contracts by the Métropole de Lyon online and respond securely online, as documents can be downloaded and uploaded on the electronic platform.

Lyon upholds the inclusion clauses

Public procurement can be used to help the process of recruiting the unemployed by introducing an inclusion clause in the contract documents.

Since its implementation in 2005, the inclusion clause has generated:

  • 3 491 contracts of employment on behalf of the Métropole de Lyon
  • over 1.6 million hours worked.